Formal Complaint

You have selected to complete a Formal Complaint Form in good faith that you have already had conversations with Township staff or departments and remain dissatisfied with the outcome of said conversations.  Since you feel that your initial concerns have not been addressed adequately, you may submit a written complaint by completing the online Complaint Form or by downloading and printing the form provided at the link below and mailing, emailing or faxing the completed form to the Clerk.

Mail:  Township of Plummer Additional
           38 Railway Crescent, RR #2
           Bruce Mines, ON  P0R 1C0


Fax:  705-785-3135

The Township of Plummer Additional recognizes the importance of public input and recognizes formal complaints as valuable forms of feedback.  The Township of Plummer Additional will deal with all formal complaints promptly, courteously, impartially, and professionally.

If the complaint involves the Clerk-Treasurer, the Mayor will investigate and respond.

Complaints must be filed within seven (7) days after the alleged event.  Once a formal complaint is received, the Clerk’s Department will contact the complainant within two (2) business days.  The Municipal Clerk or designate will, if appropriate, refer the complaint to the appropriate Department Head for their review.  Upon review of the complaint, the Department Head shall provide a response and any required information to Clerk within five (5) business days outlining the decision with respect to the complaint and reasons for how the decision was determined. This response shall include any steps taken to rectify the complaint, mitigate future complaints of a similar nature and improve services going forward.

The Municipal Clerk shall, upon review of the Department Head’s report, provide the complainant with a letter outlining the decision along with clear and understandable reasons for how the decision on the complaint was determined.

Print and Fill In Form Link:

Plummer Township Formal Complaint Form

Alternate formats of this form are available upon request.

Online Complaint Form

Please complete the following fields with as much information as possible regarding your complaint.  Please note that you must complete all required fields, including personal details, in order for your complaint to be investigated.  Required fields are marked with asterisks (*).  Remember to click on the SUBMIT button upon completion.