Roads – FAQs

Seasonal Guidelines, Emergency Contact & Mailbox Policy

The Township of Plummer Additional has approximately 148 kilometres of public roadway of which 134.1 kilometers are maintained year-round and 13.9 kilometres are listed as “seasonal”.  The Roads Department is responsible for overseeing and carrying out road maintenance throughout the Township. Highway 638 is maintained by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

Roads employees are committed to providing a safe roadway network that enables efficient traffic flow year-round.

Roads Working Foreperson

Chad Mullen
Phone:  (705) 785-3479
Emergency After Hours Cell Phone:  (249) 356-5282
Email Chad Mullen

Half-load restrictions on roadways within the Township of Plummer Additional are generally scheduled from March 1st to May 31st unless otherwise posted.  Please watch for signs.


Ongoing Road Construction: culvert replacement, brushing, and ditching

Please watch for signs & slow down for our Road Workers .

FYI:  Our Roads machinery often weighs in excess of 60,000lbs, and is not built for quick maneuverability.  Be smart when you see us working. Do not pass, and give us some room when in the oncoming lane.

Road Closures:  Closures are sometimes needed because of emergency repairs or planned road improvement projects. The Township is committed to re-opening roads as quickly as possible so that traffic can return to normal.  Notifications of scheduled road closures are posted on the website in advance of any planned closures.

For the purpose of facilitating snow removal, the parking of vehicles on the streets from November 1st – April 30th is prohibited. 

Vehicles found in contravention of By-law 99-02 may result in your vehicle being towed at your own expense.

When approaching a plow, reduce speed, keep your headlights on low, and stay to the right. If driving behind a plow, keep a safe distance
(stay back 200 feet), and remember that the plow may need to back up. If you can’t see the mirrors, plow drivers can’t see you.

Blowing or plowing snow from your property onto the street contravenes Section 181 of the Ontario Highway Act. When you are clearing
snow from your driveway, please do not push the snow across the road. Your efforts in making winter driving and walking safe for everyone are

The Municipality does not maintain or service seasonal roads from November 1st to April 30th. Please click on the link below in order to obtain further information and a list of the affected roads:

Seasonal Roads List

If you spot water across any road in the Township or any other area of concern on our roadways, please contact the office to report it as soon as possible.

Office:  (705) 785-3479
After Hours:  (249) 356-5282

Please note:   Booth Bridge on West Road has a load limit of 10 Tonnes.

Canada Post delivers mail to some of its rural customers by the use of rural mailboxes erected on the shoulders of various roads. Canada Post establishes standards for the erection of mailboxes but no special legislation exists relating to the regulation of these boxes. Since the mailboxes are located on municipal road property, the municipality having jurisdiction over the road may make and enforce regulations regarding their operations.

All new installation, including relocation of existing mailboxes should be constructed so that:

  • All mailboxes have 42” clearance from the ground elevation
  • Installation of the support post allows for the front edge of the mailbox to be at or behind the shoulder rounding. On narrow roads this may require the post to be set back further from the edge of the shoulder
  • No wooden post under 4” square or over 6” round diameter be acceptable

Note:  The Municipality, upon request, will provide a sketch showing the recommended location for installation.

It is the responsibility of the mailbox owner to ensure that their installation conforms to these requirements. 

All mailboxes should be visually inspected by the owner prior to freeze up for indications of rot.