Trailer Licence Online Application Form


By-Law 2019-36;  Trailer Licensing


NOTE:  Trailers are not allowed on vacant lots and on lots under 1 acre.

To ensure that you meet all criteria, please read the Trailer Licensing By-Law 2019-36 prior to completing the Schedule “B” Trailer Licensing Application.

Please note that you must complete all fields marked with an asterisk (*).  Remember to click on the SUBMIT button upon completion.

Applicant's Information
Property Owner's Information (If Different from Applicant)
Site Information
Detailed Description of Trailer
Where a lot is occupied by more than one trailer, a separate application must be submitted for each additional trailer. The same Site Plan may be submitted if the original drawings indicate the location of the additional trailer(s).
Utility Services Provisions
What provisions have been made for:
Site Plan of Property
The Site Plan drawings should include property dimensions, position of the trailer(s) on the site including setbacks from all boundaries, roadway and waterbody courses as set out in the Township of Plummer Additional Zoning By-Law. Locations of septic system, well, parking space, driveway and fire pit must also be indicated on the Site Plan.
Photographs of Trailer
Four (4) photographs of the trailer are required.
The Trailer Licence fee is due upon submission of the Trailer Licence Application. Reimbursement of fees will occur if the Trailer Licence Application has been denied.
Trailer Licence Fees & Payment Options